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Best Future phones For 2024

Best Future phones For 2024

A dream come true for every Apple enthusiast. The grand reveal is expected in early September 2024, featuring various sizes and, of course, at least one Pro variant. While details are scarce at the moment, rumors suggest that Apple is diving deep into AI, aligning with the current trend in the phone industry.

Anticipate a new era of Apple silicon and a fresh iOS version. There’s a hopeful expectation for the 5x telephoto lens from the iPhone 15 Pro Max to make its way to the more compact iPhone 15 Pro.

Even though September 2024 might seem distant, the iPhone 15 lineup is currently the pinnacle of Apple’s offerings. Stay tuned for what could be the best future phone experience in 2024

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Best Future phones For 2024

Nothing’s third-ever smartphone is currently just a whisper in the air. The budding company has sent out invites for an event in February at Mobile World Congress 2024, but the rumor mill suggests we might not witness the actual handset unveil. Instead, anticipate an official confirmation of its existence and, possibly, some initial hardware details.

Speculation points towards the new device being an entry-level model, potentially replacing the Phone 1 in the lineup, which will have been around for two years by July. The higher-end Phone 2 is expected to continue for another year before an upgrade. Patent filing images hint at a design very similar to the current Nothing lineup – featuring a transparent rear and glyph lighting. The name is still a mystery; some propose Nothing Phone 3, while others lean towards Nothing 1a.

For now, we anticipate Nothing to keep selling the Phone 2, and it continues to be among the top-tier mid-range options available. Stay tuned for more updates on what could be one of the best future phones for 2024!

Best Future phones For 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24.

Best Future phones For 2024

Samsung’s Galaxy S phone trio continues to be among the most popular smartphones not adorned with an Apple badge. The S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra for this year didn’t make massive leaps from the previous generation, fueling high expectations for something extraordinary from Samsung in 2024. Rumors suggest a January unveiling, a month or so earlier than the usual timeline.

Our bet is on the S24 Ultra employing titanium, aligning with the iPhone 15 Pro, while the S24 and S24+ are likely to stick with aluminum. Camera hardware may not undergo a significant overhaul, and there’s a possibility Samsung will return to a two-chip strategy. This could mean Qualcomm hardware for the US and Exynos-powered handsets for other countries. Both are expected to focus on AI, the hot topic of 2024.

If the wait for a new handset seems too long, the S23 range still packs a punch, boasting fantastic cameras and very respectable battery life for a flagship phone. Stay tuned for more updates on what could be among the best future phones for 2024


Asus ROG 8 

Best Future phones For 2024

rog 8
Best Future phones For 2024

Asus is gearing up for a surprisingly swift release of its latest gamer-friendly smartphone. Thanks to the arrival of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPUs, the conventional phone industry schedule has been disrupted, resulting in just a six-month gap between ROG Phone generations. The new phone is set to be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January 2024, although it’s unclear if it will be immediately available in all regions.

Regardless, we anticipate the same powerful hardware, complete with active cooling accessories to ensure optimal performance during extended gaming sessions. Expect some colorful LEDs or an OLED rear panel to add a touch of gamer flair, and a generously sized screen and battery. Of course, the price tag is likely to match the premium features, with this year’s ROG Phone 7 Ultimate standing as one of the priciest non-folding phones on the market. Keep an eye out for updates on what could be one of the best future phones for 2024

Xiaomi 14 series

Best Future phones For 2024

Back at Nokia’s Old Phones
Best Future phones For 2024

Xiaomi usually reveals its next-gen smartphones in December, initially launching in its home nation, China, and later rolling out globally in the following Spring. However, in 2023, the company deviates from this tradition by announcing its new generation mobiles around chipmaker Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Summit in October.

The primary reason behind this shift is the incorporation of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, bringing remarkable on-device AI capabilities, improved performance, efficiency, and enhanced camera features. China takes the lead in the release, with the rest of the world likely to follow suit in early 2024, earning it a spot on this list.

The Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro will be the two versions introduced, with no mention yet of a more premium Xiaomi 14 Ultra. The Pro variant will boast an iPhone 15-inspired titanium frame, aimed at reducing weight. Both models feature screens with an impressive 3000 nits peak brightness, surpassing any phone currently available. The Xiaomi 14 sports a 6.36-inch panel, while the Xiaomi 14 Pro has a 6.73-inch screen, both with 120Hz refresh rates. Equipped with a trio of rear cameras, the Pro version incorporates variable aperture capabilities for low-light situations, with Leica contributing to the camera system. Operating on the new HyperOS skin atop Android 14, a global launch is expected in February.

In the meantime, the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro remain excellent choices, particularly for photography enthusiasts, as they are considered some of the best phones available. Stay tuned for more updates on what could be among the best future phones for 2024!

Honor Magic 6 Pro

Best Future phones For 2024

honr magig
Best Future phones For 2024

Another eagerly anticipated smartphone, officially confirmed at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit, is the Honor Magic 6 Pro. This device is set to feature the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, leveraging its capabilities to introduce “Magic Capsule,” an eye-tracking information pill positioned at the top of the screen, drawing inspiration from Apple’s Dynamic Island.

While additional specifications are yet to be officially disclosed (with the expected unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February at the earliest), we anticipate a continued emphasis on photography. Current rumors suggest a sizable 1-inch main sensor and a robust telephoto lens. The Magic 5 Pro already boasts one of the top phone cameras, and it’s currently available at a price below the recommended retail. Keep an eye out for more details on what promises to be one of the best future phones for 2024


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