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samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Embrace the next generation of mobile AI with the

samsung galaxy s24 ultra, series.

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samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Elevating everyday interactions from seamless communication to inspiring creativity, Galaxy AI redefines the iconic S series, opening new realms of possibilities for the future.

Today, Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24, introducing innovative mobile experiences powered by Galaxy AI. The Galaxy S series ushers in a new era that fundamentally changes how mobile devices enhance user capabilities.

AI enhances every aspect of the Galaxy S24 series experience, facilitating barrier-free communication with intelligent text and call translation, unleashing creativity with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, and for Galaxy users. Redefines the search criteria for those who explore the world around them.

TM Roh, President of Mobile Experience (MX) Business and Head of Mobile Experience (MX) at Samsung Electronics commented, “The Galaxy S24 series revolutionizes the way we interact with the world, ushering in the next generation of mobile innovation. The decade will begin. Galaxy AI, rooted in our heritage of innovation and deep understanding of user phone usage, promises to empower consumers around the world to explore new possibilities in their everyday lives. .

samsung galaxy s24 ultra


samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.


Galaxy AI brings purposeful intelligence to elevate every aspect of life, with a particular focus on enhancing the phone’s primary role: communication. Breaking language barriers is now easier than ever with the Galaxy S24. Engage in conversations with fellow students or colleagues from different countries. Make reservations for vacations abroad. With Live Translate, experience two-way, real-time voice and text translation of phone calls directly in the native app. No third-party applications are required, and the AI on the device ensures that conversations remain completely private.

“With Interpreter, live conversations receive instant translation on a split-screen view, allowing people facing each other to read a transcript of spoken words. This functionality requires no cellular data. Or Wi-Fi also works.

For Messages and various apps, Chat Assist optimizes conversational tone, ensuring that communication reflects its intended meaning—whether it’s a polite message to a colleague or a social media caption. A short and catchy sentence.3 Samsung also offers an integrated AI keyboard. Real-time translation of messages in 13 languages. 4 In the automotive setting, Android Auto5 automatically condenses incoming messages and suggests relevant responses and actions, such as sharing your ETA, enabling you to stay connected while focused on the road.

Significantly boost organization with Note Assist6 in Samsung Notes. The feature includes AI-generated summaries, seamless note-taking with pre-made templates, and cover creation for quick recognition via short previews. In the realm of voice recording, Transcript Assist7 uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize, and even translate recordings, especially useful in multi-speaker situations.

Communication isn’t the only way to carry the Galaxy S24 series phone’s core benefits into the future. Online search has changed almost every aspect of life. The Galaxy S24 marks a milestone in search history as the first phone to launch the intuitive, gesture-driven Circle to Search 8 with Google. To give Galaxy users an incredible new tool, Galaxy turned to the world leader in search, Google, and opened up new forms of discovery with a simple gesture. With a long press on the home button, users can circle, highlight, write or tap anything on the Galaxy S24 screen to view helpful, high-quality searches.

Turning observations into insights, encountering an iconic landmark in a friend’s social media post or discovering interesting facts on YouTube Shorts can seamlessly transition into precise searches for more information—all within the app. without leaving Depending on the user’s location, some searches leverage creative AI-powered review to present comprehensive information and context gathered from the web, allowing users to ask more complex and nuanced questions. . It’s effortlessly smooth and truly extraordinary.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra
Explore the world with creativity in the context of a novel.

The samsung galaxy s24 ultra series’ ProVisual Engine9 includes a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that revolutionize imaging capabilities and increase creative freedom throughout the photography process, from creating a shot to sharing it on social media. Until shared. Say goodbye to shaky and pixelated photos taken from afar. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Quad Tele System, which includes a new 5x optical zoom lens, combines with a 50MP sensor to deliver optical quality performance at zoom levels ranging from 2x, 3x, and 5x up to an impressive 10×10. . Additionally, images exhibit crystal clear results even at 100x with enhanced digital zoom.

With enhanced night photography capabilities, photos and videos captured with Galaxy S24 Space Zoom perform brilliantly in any lighting condition, even at high zoom levels. Improve low-light performance with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s larger pixel size, now 1.4 μm, which is 60% larger than its predecessor. The Galaxy S24 Ultra reduces blur with a wide optical image stabilizer (OIS) angle and improved handshake compensation. For video recording, both the front and rear cameras have a dedicated ISP block to reduce noise, and the Galaxy S24 uses gyro information to distinguish between camera movement and the subject, allowing More effective noise removal becomes possible for clearer videos in low-light conditions. a distance

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

After capturing extraordinary shots, the Galaxy S24 series offers advanced Galaxy AI editing tools for easy adjustments such as cleaning, resizing, and recomposing. For smooth optimization, Edit Suggestion12 uses Galaxy AI to suggest suitable enhancements for each photo. Giving users more creative control,

Generative Edit 13 employs AI to dynamically fill in image backgrounds. When an image is tilted, AI automatically corrects borders, and if an object needs to be slightly spaced, users can adjust the placement of the subject while AI seamlessly renders the background. Combines Whenever Creative AI enhances an image, a watermark appears in the image and metadata. Additionally, for action-packed videos that require slow motion, the new Instant Slow-mo can generate additional frames based on motion, softening dynamic moments for a more detailed approach.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

The samsung galaxy s24 ultra

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectTo ensure that every photo amazes at every stage, Super HDR reveals a lifetime of scenes before you press the shutter. And while capturing memories is an essential phone feature, sharing memories with the world is just as meaningful. Now, third-party social apps take full advantage of the Galaxy’s AI-powered camera system. Premium Galaxy S series camera features now integrate directly with mobile apps in HDR to equate social sharing. 14 When it’s time to find a photo in the gallery or Instagram feed and reels, photos and videos are also displayed in Super HDR for a more lifelike range. Brightness, color and contrast by analyzing the highlights of the images.etur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The pinnacle of intelligent experiences with unmatched premium performance, exclusively from Galaxy.

As AI becomes central to our daily lives, the need for exceptional performance becomes critical to meet evolving demands. Whether it’s gaming, video recording and editing, or switching seamlessly between multiple apps to plan a trip, the Galaxy S24 ensures an unparalleled experience, thanks to its chipset, 15 display and more. Thanks to the development. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 mobile platform for the Galaxy, 16 specifically optimized to deliver significant improvements in the NPU for highly efficient AI processing. Additionally, all three Galaxy S24 models feature adaptive refresh rates ranging from 1-120 Hz, further enhancing performance.

Better hardware and software developments elevate the power of Galaxy Gaming. The Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces an excellent thermal control system, with a 1.9 times larger vapor chamber, 17 effectively regulates the device’s surface temperature and maximizes continuous performance power. Ray-tracing technology enriches the gaming experience with lifelike visuals, showcasing superior shadow and reflection effects. By collaborating with industry-leading gaming partners, the Galaxy S24 ensures that users can enjoy more enhanced versions of popular global mobile games.

The Galaxy S24 comes to life on the brightest Galaxy display ever.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra

“On the display front, the Galaxy S24 Ultra features optically enhanced Corning® Gorilla® Armor19, which offers superior durability against everyday scratches. This technology significantly reduces reflections in varying lighting conditions by 75 percent, which ensures a smooth and comfortable viewing experience.

Throughout the Galaxy S24 series, design enhancements, including thin and minimal bezels, provide an immersive viewing experience and larger screens on the Galaxy S24+ with its 6.7-inch display and the Galaxy S24 with its 6.2-inch display. Enable the size of, it’s almost all inside. Features the same size.20 Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 6.8-inch flat display, which is not only suitable for viewing but also for better productivity. Additionally, the Galaxy S24+ now supports the same QHD+ resolution found on the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Advanced security and privacy maintain user autonomy and confidence.

Protected by Samsung Knox, Galaxy’s defense-grade, multi-layer security platform, the Galaxy S24 protects critical information by providing end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection against vulnerabilities. Makes sure.

Samsung’s steadfast commitment to offering consumers choice and control over their devices continues in the age of AI. Galaxy S24 users retain full control over the extent to which their data enhances AI experiences through the Advanced Intelligence settings, which allow them to disable online data processing for AI features.21″

Knox Matrix22 envisions a future of security, connectivity, and password-free access, further realized with passkeys. These passkeys provide easy and secure login to users’ registered websites and apps on all trusted devices via digital credentials, protecting against phishing attacks. Enhanced data protection ensures end-to-end encryption

When users back up, sync or restore their data with Samsung Cloud. It allows Galaxy S24 users to securely connect to other devices, ensuring that data can only be encrypted or decrypted on their devices, preventing server compromise or account details being stolen. However, privacy can be maintained. In the event that access to a trusted device is lost, a recovery code can prevent data loss. The Galaxy S24 is fortified with a wide array of Samsung’s advanced security and privacy features, including Knox Vault, Security and Privacy Dashboard, Auto Blocker, Secure Wi-Fi, Private Share, Maintenance Mode, and more.

The Next Phase of Samsung’s Environmental Journey

“Opening a new realm of mobile experiences involves rethinking the design and packaging of Galaxy technology to achieve more with less impact on both people and the planet. Galaxy S24 Recycles in Galaxy devices Expands use of recycled materials to include recycled plastic, glass and aluminum in both interior and exterior components Introduces components made from elements of . Recycled Cobalt, 25 and speakers contain 100% recycled rare earth elements.

The Galaxy S24 marks the first milestone in the Galaxy S series to be designed with recycled steel and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The Galaxy S24 Ultra incorporates at least 40% recycled steel in its speakers, 27 and at least 10% pre-consumer recycled TPU used in the side and volume keys. Additionally, each Galaxy S24 is packaged in a box made from 100% recycled paper material.

This latest flagship upholds Samsung’s commitment to extending the product lifecycle, offering seven generations of OS upgrades and seven years of security updates, ensuring that users can enjoy the best of their Galaxy devices. together to experience optimal performance for a long period of time. 28 Additionally, the Galaxy S24 carries the UL ECOLOGO®. certification,29 and its carbon footprint is measured by The Carbon Trust.30″

The Galaxy S24 exemplifies progress made in alignment with Samsung MX’s environmental roadmap. Samsung continues steadfast in its goals to be achieved by the end of 2025. 31 By the end of 2022, Samsung has incorporated recycled content into all of its Galaxy smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearable mobile products. The initial goal of adding content was successfully achieved. Currently, the company is setting a new target for recycled content. By 2030, Samsung aims to include at least one recycled material in every module32 of every mobile product.

Sophisticated health and beauty are crafted in every detail.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out as the first Galaxy phone to feature a titanium frame, 33 times the device’s durability and longevity. Galaxy S24 Ultra’s fairly slim body provides a more comfortable on-the-go experience with better grip. The Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 boast a streamlined one-mass design, meeting high aesthetic standards with a seamless connection between the back cover and side frame of the device. The Galaxy S24 series showcases color tones inspired by earth minerals. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is available in 34 colors such as Titanium Grey, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow. The Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 are offered in colors including Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow. Additionally, all three models come with additional colors that are exclusively available online.

For more details on the Galaxy S24 series, please visit the Samsung Newsroom,, or

The samsung galaxy s24 ultra Specifications

Galaxy S24 Ultra


6.8-inch* QHD+


Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display

Super Smooth 120Hz refresh rate (1~120Hz)

Vision booster

Measured diagonally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen measures 6.8 inches in full rectangle and remains 6.8 inches with rounded corners. The actual viewable area is slightly reduced due to the rounded corners and camera hole.

Dimensions & Weight70.6 x 147 x 7.6mm, 168g (mmWave) / 167g (Sub6)75.9 x 158.5 x 7.7mm, 197g (mmWave) / 196g (Sub6)
*Device weight may vary by market
Camera12MP Ultra-Wide Camera


· F2.2, FOV 120˚


50MP Wide Camera

· OIS F1.8, FOV 85˚


10MP Telephoto Camera

· 3x Optical Zoom, F2.4, FOV 36˚


12MP Front Camera

· F2.2, FOV 80˚

Memory & Storage8 + 512GB


8 + 256GB8 + 128GB

12 + 512GB


12 + 256GB

*Storage options and availability may vary by carrier, country or region. Actual storage availability may vary depending on pre-installed software.
Battery4,000 mAh4,900 mAh
*Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3,880mAh for Galaxy S24 and 4,755mAh for Galaxy S24+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
ChargingWired Charging*: Up to 50% charge in around 30 mins with 25W Adapter** and 3A USB-C cable***


Fast Wireless Charging 2.0****

Wireless PowerShare*****

Wired charging*: Up to 65% charge in around 30 mins with 45W Adapter** and 5A USB-C cable***


Fast Wireless Charging 2.0****

Wireless PowerShare*****

*Wired charging compatible with PD.
**Power Adapter and data cable sold separately. Using the original Samsung 45W Power Adapter and data cable is recommended for Galaxy S24+ and the original Samsung 25W Power Adapter and data cable recommended for Galaxy S24.
***Results from internal Samsung lab tests, conducted with 25W Travel Adapter connected to newly pre-released version of Galaxy S24 and 45W Travel Adapter connected to newly pre-released version of Galaxy S24+ while a device had 0% of power remaining, with all services, features and screen turned off. Actual charging speed may vary depending on the actual usage, charging conditions and other factors.
****Wireless charging compatible with WPC.
*****Limited to Samsung or other brand smartphones with Qi wireless charging, such as Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+, S24, S23 Ultra, S23+, S23, Z Fold 4, Z Flip4, S22 series, Z Fold3 5G, Z Flip3 5G, S21 FE 5G, S21 series, Z Fold2, Note20 series, S20 series, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, S10e, S10, S10+, Fold, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S8 Active, S7, S7 edge, S7 Active, S6, S6 edge, S6 Active, S6 edge+, Note9, Note8, Note FE and Note5. Only available with certain Samsung Galaxy wearables such as Galaxy Buds FE, Buds2 Pro, Buds2, Buds Pro, Buds Live, Watch6, Watch6 Classic, Watch5, Watch 5 Pro, Watch4, Watch4 Classic, Watch3, Watch Active2, Watch Active, Gear Sport, Gear S3, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds. If battery power is lower than 30% Wireless PowerShare may not function. May not work with certain accessories, covers, other brand devices or some Samsung wearables. During PowerShare, it may affect call reception or data services, depending on your network environment.
OSAndroid 14


One UI 6.1

Network and Connectivity5G*, LTE**, Wi-Fi 6E***, Wi-Fi Direct Bluetooth® v 5.3
*5G services are only supported in 5G network enabled locations. Requires optimal 5G connection. Actual speed may vary depending on market, carrier, and user environment.


**Availability of LTE model varies by market and carrier.

*** Wi-Fi 6E network availability may vary by market, network provider and user environment. Requires optimal connection and a Wi-Fi 6E router.

Water ResistanceIP68
* IP68 rating: Based on lab test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Rinse residue/dry after wet. Not advised for beach or pool use. Water and dust resistance of the S Pen is not permanent and may diminish over time because of normal wear and tear.

1 Samsung makes no promises, assurances or guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the output generated by the AI Features. A Samsung account login may be required to access some Samsung AI features.

2 Live Translate requires network connection and Samsung account login. It is exclusively available on the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Some languages may require language pack downloads, and service availability may vary. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

3 The tone suggestion feature in Chat Assist requires a network connection and a Samsung account login. Feature activation is subject to meeting length requirements, and service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.


4 The translate feature in Chat Assist may require a Samsung account login. Some chat applications may not support this feature, and language pack downloads may be required for some languages. Service availability may vary, and this feature is enabled when a translatable language is detected. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.



5 New Android Auto features will be supported with app updates.

6 Note Assist requires network connection and Samsung account login. This is subject to character limits, and service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

7 Log Assistant requires a network connection and a Samsung account. This is exclusively available on files recorded with the pre-installed Samsung Voice Recorder app or the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. The voice recording feature in the pre-authenticated Samsung Phone app is not supported in some countries. Duration of audio files for processing is less than 3 hours The summarizing feature in Transcript Assist can be activated when a certain number of characters can be reached. May vary depending on the language available on the service, and accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

8 Results may vary based on visual matches and require an internet connection. Users may need to update Android to the latest version. Product functionality may vary depending on app and device settings, some functions may not be compatible with certain apps. Service availability varies by country and language, and accuracy of results is not guaranteed.



9 AI zoom applies to distances between digital zoom lengths, and accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

10 3x and 5x distances represent optical zoom, while 2x and 10x distances represent optical quality zoom.

11 compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.


12 edit suggestions Compatible with JPG, PNG, GIF, and MP4 formats. Editing results and quality may vary depending on photography or filming conditions. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.



13 Generative Edit requires network connection and Samsung account login. Editing with Generative Edit results in image resizing up to 12MP. A visible watermark is superimposed on the saved image to indicate the AI generation. The accuracy and reliability of the output generated is not guaranteed.

14 Some social media apps may not support Super HDR. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.


15 AP showed a performance improvement over the previous generation chipset. Actual performance depends on user environment, conditions and pre-installed software and applications.


16 Snapdragon-branded products from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries’ products.


17 samsung galaxy s24 ultra compared to Galaxy S23 Ultra.



18 The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display on the Galaxy S24 Ultra received certification from VDE Germany for 100 percent mobile color volume in the DCI-P3 color range, ensuring vivid colors regardless of brightness levels. The display can achieve a peak brightness of up to 2,600 nits with a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, improving contrast for a stunning picture quality. It enhances the mobile experience and makes it more immersive.

19 Corning® Gorilla® Armor has been added to the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s front display. Scratch testing was performed against a competitive aluminosilicate cover glass, and reflection was tested against normal glass.


20 compared to the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 respectively. The display and device size of each model are as follows: Galaxy S23+ (6.6-inch, 76.2 x 157.8 x 7.6mm), Galaxy S24+ (6.7-inch, 75.9 x 158.5 x 7.7mm), Galaxy S23 (6.1-inch, 70.7 .9mm) x 146.3 x 7.6mm), Galaxy S24 (6.2-inch, 70.6 x 147 x 7.6mm).



21 Samsung account login required. Advanced intelligence settings that block server access will limit the functionality of some AI features. Regardless of server access, Samsung does not store user input or output data.

22 Knox Matrix is supported on Galaxy smartphones and tablets with One UI 6 or higher. Availability may vary by country or region.


23 The samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features recycled materials in various components, including the top speaker module, bottom speaker module, case front, S-Pen inner cover, S-Pen knob holder, side keys, volume keys, SIM tray, camera deco, Front screen, back. Glass, and battery.



24 Neodymium

25 Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24+ batteries contain at least 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled cobalt. The Galaxy S24 battery contains at least 10% pre- and post-consumer recycled cobalt. Above measurements are based on weight.


26 Galaxy S24 series speakers contain 100% pre- and post-consumer recycled neodymium. Above measurements are based on weight.



27 Galaxy S24 series speakers contain at least 40% pre- and post-consumer recycled steel. Above measurements are based on weight.

28 Availability and timing of Android OS upgrades and security updates may vary by device model and market.


29 UL ECOLOGO® certified products and services are certified based on environmental performance criteria throughout their lifetime, including energy reduction, materials, health, environment, and manufacturing and operations. The Galaxy S24 series meets UL 110, the UL environmental standard for the durability of mobile phones.



30 Carbon Trust has measured and verified the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of the Galaxy S24 series, including manufacturing, distribution, consumption and final disposal. It is certified against the internationally recognized standard PAS2050.

31 In 2021, the Samsung MX business announced a set of four goals in its products and business by the end of 2025. Goals include developing and incorporating recycled materials into all new mobile products, eliminating single-use plastics from mobile packaging. , reducing standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers to zero, and achieving zero waste to landfill in global operations.


32 Samsung defines a smartphone module as antenna, battery, camera, display, mechanical components, motor, PBA/FPCB, speaker, wireless charger module, and packaging.



33 Titanium only applies to the frame of the device and does not include the volume and side keys.

34 Colors may vary by market and carrier.



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